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Don't give money to high-speed rail

Morro Bay



I have voted no on Proposition 1A, in November 2008, considering California’s High Speed Rail project. There are so many distortions and lies considering this project, and I do support a proposition next year that would rescind the funding and the planning of CAHSR, including the Right of Way purchases in the Central and Southern San Joaquin Valley from Fresno, Hanford (Visalia), and Bakersfield.

In the long run, give the money where it is needed to two areas—Caltrans Highway projects and Amtrak—and don’t get fooled by a feeling about a “pie in the sky boondoggle” that will not work for California in the long run.

-- Scott C. Presnal - Morro Bay

-- Scott C. Presnal - Morro Bay

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