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Don't hatchet PBS

Morro Bay



As a weather observer from the city of Morro Bay, on the central California coast, I am very concerned during this spring of 2011 about the Republicans’ choice to cut PBS funding and programming. When I was younger, as a teenager and young adult, I would wake up just before 7:15 a.m. before going to high school to watch a PBS program broadcast from MPT, Maryland Public Television, called A.M. Weather from 1981 until 1994—and the NOAA meteorologists Carl Weiss, Wayne Winston, and Joan Van Ahn as the “Main 3.”

As a result of reasons that were unclear to me, that program went off the air on Friday, Feb. 3, 1995.

PBS should survive these cuts, without using a buried hatchet to take a blow when it comes to educational television.

-- Scott C. Presnal - Morro Bay

-- Scott C. Presnal - Morro Bay

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