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Don't kid yourself about Congress

Some people may think that the election will bring about necessary changes in government policy, the war will end, the mistakes that have been made will be rectified. Don't kid yourself!

Newly elected members of Congress are already preparing to make as few changes as possible. They are going for "bipartisanship." The margin of power is so slim that the ultra-conservatives can play on the same fears and securities to maintain unconstitutional policies previously passed. And because the Democrats desperately want to elect a Democratic president soon, they will shy away from controversy.

Therefore it is left to us ordinary people to stick together in large numbers and demand that what we voted for be carried through. End the war. Make some decent reforms in health care for all. Get rid of the odious restriction of civil liberties in the Patriot Act. Stop the degradation of the environment. Help create a "family of nations." We know all this, but will we do it? It's up to us, folks.

Jean Gerard
Los Osos

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