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Don't let Oceano pass the buck


I was shocked and dismayed at what I learned while attending a so-called "Town Hall Meeting" in Oceano on April 28.

It seems our County Board of Supervisors have relinquished their authority for maintaining Arroyo Grande Creek for purposes of flood control to the state.

The State Water Quality Control Board estimates that the entire cost of removing silt from the creek and restoring it to its 1950 condition will cost $900,000 the first year and double that the second year. Who knows after that?

The entire cost of this project will be paid by the approximately 550 residents and farmers that border the creek.

The majority of the legal residents in this group are among the poorest people in the county. Most are senior citizens living in mobile home parks in Oceano. They are senior citizens in their 80s and 90s whose only income is social security and pensions.

I think the Board's action in this matter is unconscionable. Instead of facing up to the problem and trying to find a solution, they pass the buck to the state and stick the
citizens least able to defend themselves
with the bill.

I ask the Board to reconsider their action and take back responsibility for maintaining the creek from the state, and work together to find a solution to this problem. You were elected to solve problems, do your job. If not, you will have a great number of proud senior citizens applying for welfare.

Emery Haggin


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