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Don't let smear tactics win


Apparently we are in the beginning of the intense campaign season as the lies and distortions have begun.

When opening my mailbox recently, I was confronted with an attack piece by Lynn Compton against her opponent for 4th District county supervisor, Jimmy Paulding. Her accusation is that he has taken funds for himself and does not care about our severe water issues in the county. She even distorted his face in this gruesome piece which included a quote from an ultra right-wing news source.

She seems to be resorting to smear tactics against her opponent, instead of naming anything she has accomplished in her eight years on the Board of Supervisors.

This comes on the heels of the "debate" on April 21 in which Compton read general position papers and threw in an occasional attack on Jimmy. In contrast, Jimmy was able to speak clearly about serious issues and policies in our county, while also correcting her accusations.

Jimmy will represent all of his constituents, no matter their party affiliation. He is a strong and honest leader who has support from both Republican and Democrat community leaders.

Vote for Jimmy Paulding on June 7 for 4th District supervisor.

Linda Reynolds


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