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Don't like power plants? Stop using power!



Just read Barbara Boxer’s so called “grilling” of Diablo Canyon and PG&E. First of all: Barbara Boxer? What a joke she is. Just ask all the ranchers and the farmers in the state who work for a living.

Second of all: To all of you who think Diablo Canyon is all evil coupled with the Morro Bay Power Plant that you are so happy about shutting down, why don’t you all quit using your electricity and go green? Spend $30,000 per household and get solar? Or if you can’t afford it, by all means do the right thing and quit using electricity period. After all, Diablo and the Morro Bay Power plant are all evil. Yes, the plants that have employed tens of thousands of our citizens and family members over the years coupled with the huge amount of money that our county depends on. The nimrod for a mayor of Morro Bay Jamie Irons coupled with his two sidekicks Noah Smukler and Christine Johnson have been all in favor of shutting down our plant in Morro Bay. I invite these three poor excuses for leaders to begin the protest against Diablo—as they have the Morro Bay Power plant—and completely shut off their electricity. After all, if you think the source is so terrible, please do not use it.

As far as Boxer, while she is cruising on her private jet along with Pelosi and Reid complaining about our resources, by all means, I think they should go green and wait at the local Greyhound bus stop—or better yet get a nice electric car to transport them back and forth from their estates to Washington, D.C., They might have to get up earlier, and even carpool. Or ride their bikes!

P.S.: Can you please take a couple of our county supervisors with you? Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill. Washington, D.C., is really deserving of them. Just read Supervisor Adam Hill’s latest letter to New Times (“Who is susceptible to conspiracy-theory thinking?” Jan. 16), and of course we would not want to exclude our Supervisor Bruce Gibson with his admitted extramarital affair with his assistant.

-- William Welles - Morro Bay

-- William Welles - Morro Bay

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