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Don't repeal SB 1


Proposition 6 aims to repeal landmark Senate Bill 1, a 2017 law that allows the first inflation-adjusted increase to the gas tax since 1994 (the added amount averages $0.32 per day/driver according to the state Department of Finance).

Since SB 1's passage we've seen our roads markedly improved, as we whittle down years of deferred maintenance.

At least the gas tax is direct: The more miles you drive, the more you pay. With SB 1, all drivers are charged because in 2020 it adds a registration fee equivalent to the gas tax for new electric vehicles.

And last June's vote for Proposition 69 amended the state Constitution to ensure SB 1 gas taxes can never again be transferred to the general fund. (And SB 1 requires past transfers to be fully repaid by 2020.)

SB 1's transparent state-local revenue split is a plus for small counties like SLO. Proposition 6 would send us backward without sufficient revenue for road repair. It also would require statewide votes for gas taxes and vehicle license fees thereby taking away legislative control to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

We need to protect California's transportation infrastructure: Vote no on Proposition 6.

Bob Jorgensen & Janice Crooks

San Luis Obispo

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