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Don't rush to judgement


I am writing in response to Kasey Bubnash's article titled "Homeless woman claims she was unjustly suspended from Prado" in Dec. 26 New Times.

My first admission is that I do not know the facts of this case and will not delve into supposition or guessing. My interactions with the Prado Shelter are limited. I make and deliver food to the shelter each Saturday morning and holidays. I also participated in the biannual homeless count this year. I am providing this information to clarify that I do have some understanding of the operations of the shelter.

In the three years of my food deliveries (originally at the Prado Day center), I have seen the transition to the new shelter and all parties have struggled to make the transition and settle into the new facility. Through all the changes and during each of my weekly trips to the shelter, I have seen the staff handle all of the changes and the residents' issues in an entirely professional manner.

To those who would make snap decisions based on Ms. Bubnash's article, I offer some advice: Volunteer. While I am always standing at the fishbowl looking in, come join me. Come out and help clean, help do laundry, help the staff in the office, whatever the need may be. Breakfast is made each day. Make a giant pot of oatmeal (did that last Saturday), pancakes, eggs and bacon, or your family favorite (no doughnuts, please, keep it healthy) and deliver it around 7:30 to 7:45 a.m. and help serve. Be part of the help to these residents and while doing that, learn a different perspective to the community around you.

Scott Pickford

San Luis Obispo

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