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Don't settle for empty sexual calories



Please allow me to comment on views expressed by four not-so-bright adults in the Sept. 19 New Times “Street Talk” regarding legalizing prostitution.

No! Prostitution should not be legalized! More is at stake than the convenience of some horny people. When women and children are kidnapped and forced to be whores, their civil liberties are violated. Seeking sex outside of marriage is destructive to marriage and the family. “Sexual freedom” is expensive, and women pay most of the bills.

Prostitution also lowers property values and encourages the spread of other crimes into affected neighborhoods. For some customers, sex without commitment can further regress into child molesting and rape, even as sex with prostitutes was a step down from monogamous marriage.

Sex with prostitutes is “Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma’am!” leaving caring and commitment unsatisfied. Sex is more than orgasms. Both inclusive and exclusive, it is a bond formed by caring, sharing, and commitment. Promiscuity is like eating dessert after skipping a steak dinner. Promiscuity is like empty calories.

No, prostitution should not be legalized.

-- Steve T. Kobara - San Luis Obispo

-- Steve T. Kobara - San Luis Obispo

-- Steve T. Kobara - San Luis Obispo

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