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Don't take away homeowner protections

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There is a constant attack on Proposition 13 and homeowners. The most recent attack is Senate Constitutional Amendment 6 (SCA 6), which would change the state Constitution to make it easy to impose new parcel taxes on homeowners by removing Proposition 13's two-third vote requirement!

SCA 6 will make it far too easy to impose new local parcel taxes, which are regressive. Without the two-thirds vote protection, twice as many parcel taxes could pass with billions in new taxes paid only by homeowners. It is an anti-homeowner amendment ready to move in the state Senate. It has already been reviewed by several Senate committees and can now head to the Senate floor for a quick vote any day now. The odds are against homeowners, given the Senate has a pro-tax super-majority.

Losing this two-thirds vote protection could cost you, a homeowner, thousands every year. Know Proposition 13's 1 percent cap does not apply to parcel taxes.

Once again too many politicians think they have a green light to raise taxes and blow more loopholes in Proposition 13. Contact our senator, Bill Monning (D-Carmel), and say, enough!

S. C. Tannler

Morro Bay


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