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Down with misogyny



I’m left wondering what election officials think about the voter fraud prosecutions after reading; “Locked up” (New Times, Oct. 13). Are these two California Valley Community Services District (CSD) incumbents going to vote under the presumption of innocence until proven guilty just like they continue to appear and vote on the CSD board? The Central Coast doesn’t need national headline attention potentially confirming Trump’s rigged election allegations.

Would the District Attorney issue arrest warrants for two women, just because he is a man? I have spoken with CSD member Prince Frazier several times and found him to be a polite, thoughtful, cautious man.

Calling Hillary Clinton “old bat” was a gender specific insult (Shredder, “Elusive integrity,” Oct. 13), so I am not sure it is useful to present a trendy, men vs. woman story just as female America and possibly the free world is reliving buried memories, the job interviews from hell, and asking themselves: Was it sexual harassment or assault, and how did I handle it?

New Times elevates a malicious, closet misogynist, while shredding Julie Tacker, who is now running for Los Osos CSD. It reeks of a “women’s place is in the home,” not butting into serious business that affects this county. Smart, confident, beautiful, hardworking, female ... what is there about her not to hate?

As parallel themes play out nationally, deniability is incumbent on not leaving digital and paper trails, which there is ... pun intended.

-- C. Hite - San Luis Obispo

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