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Downtown SLO is irreplaceable


I love my downtown. My sincerest thanks to all of the shops providing friendly service and free gift-wrap, to the boutiques and furniture stores for their stylish fashions and furniture, the galleries and jewelers for their art and craftsmanship. My appreciation to the Academy of Dance that keeps me focused and strong. I also love your new rooftop gift shop. Downtown gives me the best bookstores to while away the hours after a cup of tea from one of many coffee shops. Where else can I find so many great restaurants with fabulous food, creekside seating and/or live music? The Art Center never ceases to impress. The Children's Museum was a family treat. We anticipate a great new structure. I find notions, potions, gifts, and all I could ever need plus peace of mind and solace at the creek and lovely Mission. I enjoy Il Madonnari, the Christmas Parade, Farmers' Market, Friday Night music, and so many downtown events.

To all the merchants and restaurateurs on the tree-lined avenues, I appreciate you for making my/our downtown so unique and valuable to our community. Downtown has a heart. It certainly has mine. Please vote No on measures A, B, and C to stop the Marketplace.


Jane Nichols

San Luis Obispo

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