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Dunes pollution needs solution



It has been years since it was determined that Nipomo Mesa residents were, and still are, being subjected to a significant health hazard: silica dust from the Oceano Dunes. It also has been years since scientific studies have determined, and have maintained, that closing the off-highway vehicle park is unnecessary to resolve the problem. Yet here we are, seven years later, with little to show from the Air Pollution Control District, Coastal Commission staff, and California Resources Board efforts to hold State Parks Off Highway Vehicles Division accountable for the impacts of its operations. Our Board of Supervisors, owners of the offending property within the park, has turned its back on its constituents entirely.

We hope that will begin to change as the Mesa Community Alliance lawsuit finally has its day in court. Hearing dates have now been set and perhaps the courts will provide a desperately needed resolution. It is way overdue.

-- Dorothy Modafferi - Nipomo

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