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Election was a fraud


It does not matter what the numbers say, George Bush will only stay in the White House if he gets away with the massive cheating carried out by his party.

There was massive voter suppression in Florida, 58,000 absentee voter ballots stolen in Democratic Broward County, state police visiting elderly black folks and threatening them with fraud and jail time, and a Republican company posing as a nonpartisan group registering tens of thousands of Dems and shredding the registrations. Luckily, three employees came forward and told the authorities, but too late. They did not get to vote in five or more states.

Very similar things happened in West Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

With the massive voter turnout, it is impossible Kerry did not win in a landslide, but with 33 percent of the voters using computer machines, that is anybody’s guess if it is honest. Since they tried so many things to suppress the vote, why would they all of a sudden be honest now? Exit polling is accurate in the states where electronic voting doesn’t occur, but where electronic voting does happen, the exit poll is 5 percent more than Kerry’s computer number, making a massive difference in the presidential and congressional races. I just don’t believe the numbers. I believe John Kerry has won, and the Democrats will fight.

Cary Brief

Delaware, N.J.

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