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Emotional road manipulation by our government


How many of us drive a car or ride in one? Nearly everyone, so asking a person if they want our roads fixed is a pre-loaded question. Of course we all want our roads fixed.

When the taxpayer gives money over and over again to fix our roads and the dollars pay for other things, that is a crime. You and I need to stop the abuse that our current Sacramento government has done, is doing, and will do again and again if you let them get away with it.

The only way to stop the abuse is to vote yes on Proposition 6. This will stop the current abuse and repeal Senate Bill 1 that created the gas tax increase. Then, we need to make it illegal to re-direct dollars that are already collected to fix our roads. We have always had the money. We already collect taxes to fix our roads.

Did you see what stops the abuse? It is when you vote yes on Proposition 6. This will send a huge message to Sacramento and San Luis Obispo Coalition of Governments to stop selling and promoting the opposite viewpoint. SLOCOG, the people decide, not you!

Laura Mourdant

San Luis Obispo

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