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End the Drug War insanity

Arroyo Grande



How many Americans are watching the Ken Burns special on Prohibition and comparing it to the Drugs Wars of today?

Think about it. Here we have historians and social scientists telling us that prohibition does not work, that a ban on something makes it not only more desirable but profitable, and yet most Americans think banning drugs is a workable solution to the evils of abuse just as their grandparents thought it was for the abuse of alcohol, even though Prohibition proved otherwise.

Why does it continue? Because it pays for prisons, prison guards, government budgets (asset seizure), police personnel and equipment, etc, etc., etc.

There is a new initiative in California. It is titled “Regulate Marijuana Like Wine.” If you live in California, find it, sign it, and vote for it to end the insanity. If you live in another state, look for it once the one in California passes and the idea moves forward to other locales.

Their liberty is our liberty!

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