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Equality and art for all



Got dreams of big art and big money? Make both happen by submitting your design for a large-scale mural in downtown Atascadero.

Artists are invited to submit a sketch for a mural competition to celebrate Women's Equality Day in Atascadero. The project will reference the history of Atascadero, which was originally founded in 1913 as "The Women's Republic," a utopian community that would champion women's rights. The successful submission will receive $10,000 to produce a large-scale mural on a wall in downtown Atascadero.

All submissions must be in PDF format and submitted via email to by Aug. 29, Women's Equality Day. Name, address, email, and telephone of the artist should be attached. All entries will be judged by a panel of regional artists and a local historian. The winner will be announced in a proclamation on Colony Days in October.

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