Erika Hirsch

Walk for Farm Animals coordinator


NEW TIMES: Who is organizing the walk for animals event?
HIRSCH: The event is sponsored by Farm Sanctuary. They provide all the necessary materials and they rely on volunteers to organize locally. The volunteer coordinators for San Luis Obispo are Ria Bacigalupe and myself.

NEW TIMES: What is the main goal of this event?
HIRSCH: Farm Sanctuary provides rescue, education, and advocacy for farm animals. The Walk for Farm Animals is an event being held in many cities around the country, including San Luis Obsipo. The goal of Walk for Farm Animals is to raise funds for and awareness about Farm Sanctuary's important rescue, education, and advocacy work.

NEW TIMES: How many people do you expect will participate?
HIRSCH: We have 30 people registered so far but with our advertising we expect to have 100 people.

NEW TIMES: When will the event be held?
HIRSCH: The event will be held on October 17th at 10:00 a.m. at Mitchell Park in San Luis Obispo.

NEW TIMES: Have you held such events before?
HIRSCH: This is the second walk for Farm Animals in San Luis Obispo.

NEW TIMES: Who are the founders of Farm Sanctuary?
HIRSCH: Lorri Houston and Gene Baur. Farm Sanctuary began when they found a sheep “Hilda” left for dead on a pile of dead animals. With the snap of a photo, she lifted her head. Lorri and Gene brought her home and nursed her back to good health.

NEW TIMES: Are most of the supporters vegans?
HIRSCH: Farm Sanctuary is a vegan organization. While visiting the California or New York Shelter, one would find that being vegan is the norm. Many of our participants and supporters of the Walk for Farm Animals in San Luis Obispo are vegan but it is not a requirement to participate in the Walk for Farm Animals. We welcome anyone who wants to help farm animals!

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