cosmetics artist at Sephora



NEW TIMES What do you like about working at Sephora?

BECKWITH The thing I really like other than the people I work with—we have a great team—is having a one-on-one relationship with the people who I can see have been influenced by the media’s idea of beauty. I like being face to face with them and making them feel unthreatened and happy in their own skin.


NEW TIMES Where and when did Sephora originate?

BECKWITH It started in Paris in the late 1960s. The inspiration was to have a retail store where women could test products themselves and not to have to deal with some stuffy French woman behind a counter.


NEW TIMES What’s your favorite makeup color name? There are some hilarious ones.

BECKWITH I love a lot of the OPI for Sephora nail color names. One is a holiday inspired sable-taupe color called, “Chestnuts for You.” There’s a purple glittery one called “Just a Little Bit Dangerous.”


NEW TIMES Have you ever put makeup on a man?

BECKWITH Yes, I have. I put Kat Von Dee eyeliner on a man once.


NEW TIMES Name an interesting cosmetic fact most people don’t know.

BECKWITH To get good protection from the sun with sunscreen, you should use about one tablespoon. Otherwise, it isn’t enough. People generally only use a teaspoon.

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