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Even Hillary would be better

Arroyo Grande



Newspapers such as the New York Times and its editorial surrogate, the San Luis Obispo Tribune deserve to die because their editors don’t tell the truth.

While harping on Sarah Palin’s background as mayor and governor, to the effect that she would not be qualified to become president if John McCain died, these editors completely ignore the meager, if not ridiculous qualifications of Barack Obama, based on his short time as a state senator, followed by a limited time as a U.S. senator. His other qualification is as a “community organizer”, a task in Illinois with significant radical overtones, as evidenced by www.illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2008/09/obama-community.html.

Obama’s experience certainly pales compared to Palin’s, but this is apple and oranges. The real comparison should be with McCain—whose heroism, political independence, and extraordinary service to the country are significantly greater compared to Obama’s controversial background.

Who are those supporting Obama? They are those left-leaning Democrats who suffer the disappointments of seeing candidates Al Gore and John Kerry lose to George W. Bush. Republicans rejoice that the Democrats ignored Hillary Clinton twice: once to become the party’s nominee, and then as its V.P. nominee. She would have been by far the stronger candidate, considering Obama’s totally inferior background. It appears the Democrats, by ignoring Clinton, have acceded again to a political whim instead picking of a candidate of substance, such as Hillary Clinton or even Sarah Palin.

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