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Even with no public event, remember Roe v Wade

San Luis Obispo



Jan. 22 marks the 38th year since the landmark Supreme Court Roe v Wade decision, providing a constitutional basis for a woman’s right to choose to terminate her pregnancy. In those years, the United States has seen many attempts to restrict that right, by legal and illegal means, including violence against providers. But there has also been an increase in support for women’s rights in all areas, as, freed from mandatory motherhood, women have made great strides in all areas of public life. The ability to plan one’s family helps not only the individual family, but also the nation and the world, lessening the pressures of population explosion and overuse of natural resources.

In years past, the local chapter of the National Organization for Women has sponsored a public celebration of the Roe anniversary. We thank all those who have participated with us in celebrating a woman’s right to choose. This year, while NOW will not be hosting a public event, we ask that everyone take a moment on Jan. 22 to remember the plight of women who died from illegal abortions and to be grateful for the ability to choose when to have children in these uncertain times.

-- Angie King - San Luis Obispo

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