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Expect more terrorism


In the wake of yet another bombing on previously unscathed soil, our fearless leader repeats his old lines of rhetoric: "We will hunt them down, and we will bring them to justice." Sound familiar? Not only has Bush proven that he is not capable of doing so, the least he could do is come up with a new mantra.

The reality is, while it makes us feel good to bring someone to justice, it has absolutely no effect on terrorism in the big picture. The people who commit these acts are merely pawns of an ideology in which they believe they are doing the most righteous and just feat. To bring "them" to justice is futile when you are fighting a belief system with deeply entrenched roots. There will never be a lack of willing young men who would love to have the honor of killing their enemy.

To believe we can defeat terrorism through judicial systems and military might is simply convoluted thinking. Yet our nation's leaders continue to exploit these attacks to bolster their misguided policies. As long as the people continue to support our own ill-conceived acts of retribution, you can expect random acts of terror to continue to plague our world for a long time to come.


Cheri DePaulo

San Luis Obispo

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