Explosive scene in Templeton


On Aug. 25, SLO County Sheriff's deputies responded to a volatile scene in Templeton. According to a press release, the sheriff's department had received a call from an "agitated" male named Bill Hernandez. Hernandez said he had rifles, ammunition, and hand grenades and was "ready to ‘rock and roll.'" According to the press release, he also said he was "upset and didn't care what happened to himself any longer."

When deputies arrived at the 100 block of Julie Lane, Hernandez was wearing a military gas mask and holding night-vision goggles. He told deputies that he had a hand grenade inside. After searching the residence, deputies contacted the SLO County Bomb Task Force to handle the explosive device. The task force removed the grenade.

Ten days prior to the "rock and roll" call, sheriff's deputies took Hernandez into custody after a brief standoff. According to the press release, he had "barricaded himself in his house and refused to surrender." He was then released on bail.

According to Sgt. Hascall of the North County Sheriff's Department, Hernandez now remains in custody. He was charged with possession of an explosive device, false report of a bomb, terrorist threats, and committing a felony while on bail for another felony crime.


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