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Eyes right

San Luis Obispo



True conservatives believe:
•  $800 billion to help our own country is too much, but $1 trillion  for the Iraq War was money well spent.
•  Spending is not stimulus, it’s how liberals waste our tax dollars.
•  Tax cuts for the rich are the best way to help middle-class Americans—trickle-down economics works.
•  Rush Limbaugh spoke the truth when he said he wanted Obama to fail.
•  Universal health care is simply not needed because America has the best health care system in the world.
•  Pork-barrel spending is wasteful (unless it helps my state or region).
•  Stem cell research violates my right-to-life beliefs but war and killing are patriotic.
•  Our serious economic problems are the fault of Presidents Clinton and Carter.
•  President Obama is a socialist at heart; after all, he was a community organizer.
•  Government is broken and can’t do anything right, so it can’t be part of the solution.
•  Unions are a key reason our economy has failed.
•  Reagan’s mantra remains true today: “Facts are stupid things.”

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