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Fact is, the quarry is a good thing



The recent New Times story regarding Las Pilitas Quarry (“A rock and a hard place,” Aug. 15) touched on a variety of topics that commonly come up with any land-use proposal: impacts related to traffic, water, and noise. After reading the article and doing my own research, I feel confident that the quarry can succeed. I was reminded of the “Chicken Little” story: “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” It sounds as if someone became concerned about the quarry and told neighbors a story of gloom and doom without first finding out facts.

It’s important to recognize that adding trucks to Highway 58 would actually reduce instances of danger on the roadway. Many cars that travel Highway 58 speed along as if there is no speed limit. By adding commercial vehicles, the cars will slow down around the elementary school and downtown. As to the issue of water, the quarry is well south of any water basin. Anyone attempting to accuse the quarry of potentially exacerbating North County’s water problems would only be misleading the public using scare tactics.

The property is a known source of minerals, being zoned for mineral extraction for 30 years. New technology minimizes noise and vibration, and tall bluffs on each side of the entrance will cut noise. Blasting will occur less than two times a month (20 times a year) and residents would be notified before each time.

-- Zoe J. Duty - Atascadero

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