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Fair food hangover?


Summer is a confusing time. We're all supposed to be wearing teeny bikinis and thigh-skimming swim trunks, flaunting our beach bods while simultaneously scarfing down the most intense food imaginable. Yes, I'm talking about "fair food," that combination of deep fried batter, fat, salt, powdered sugar, and (if you're into that kind of thing) a whole lot of stickiness. You'd think that—given the many beach days yet ahead—we'd have turned to lettuce wraps and cucumber water. But we didn't. We wanted sweet, spiked drinks poured in blinking plastic cups and chocolate-dipped bacon, damn it! Why is fair food so irresistible? My theory: It is the anti- "clean eating," the opposite of gluten free. It's not organic, but it is 100 percent necessary. This year, you might have gone too big with that greasy beef patty topped with American cheese then sandwiched between two glazed donuts? It's cool. Head to Seeds on Garden Street in San Luis Obispo and grab a virtuous green juice, berry-topped acai bowl, or humble parfait sprinkled with chia and flax. You can even pick up a shot of wheatgrass or a weeklong cleanse, depending on how bad the damage is. No questions asked. We've all been there. And by there, I mean last week. Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain suggests consulting a medical professional before ingesting beef, cheese, and donuts in the same sitting. She can be reached at

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