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    Deep down inside, we’re all artists, even if we’re posing as accountants, or nurses, or real estate agents. It’s just difficult sometimes to know how to tap into the spring of ideas that feeds creative expression and opens us up to our art. Local poet, artist, and creative consultant Francesca Nemko has made it her business to bring out other peoples’ art forms. Using her own experiences in a variety of artistic disciplines, she carefully works with individuals to help them recognize their unique strengths and talents. Let your dreams become a reality. For more info call 786-4325 or email her at ...

    At a loss to explain why you still haven’t made it to the gym this year? Have we got the workout guide for you! Local author and fitness guru Jean “The Bean� Murdock has just come out with “The Every Excuse in the Book Book,� a defense-busting fitness reference full of inspiration aimed at getting you off the couch and onto the treadmill, one lame fish story at a time. If you’re unhappy with your health, you have no excuse for not buying this book. For more info call 226-9893 or go to ∆

New Times Staff Writer Alice Moss reuses her holiday wrapping paper every year. Send your scraps to

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