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Every year, the American Cancer Society holds the “Relay for Life� to raise money for cancer research and support programs. To participate, volunteers form groups comprised of friends, family and coworkers to walk around a track for 24 hours without stopping in an effort to raise money and awareness. Often groups invent creative ways to raise money for the illness that will likely touch all of us, either directly or through a loved one.

A group calling themselves the “Pink Flamingos� is one such group, finding new ways to battle an old problem. For a minimum donation of $20, you can send a flock of pink flamingos to a friend’s house or to a business. It is just one of many ways to show support for those who are now battling, or will battle cancer. For more information about the Pink Flamingos email: or call: 481-5769.

For info about the annual Real for life visit: ∆

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