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Find a new writer, New Times


I am a San Luis Obispo resident and read your paper every week. I very much respect your coverage of local issues, and will continue to read in the future. But I just cannot understand why you keep publishing Al Fonzi's opinion pieces in your paper?

What he says is absolutely untrue, provably untrue, and yet you keep giving him this platform every other week to push his climate change denying agenda. I'm truly confused. Why does he get so much space in your paper? You don't give other people coverage like that.

And the fact that he's just lying about climate change, why is he even in this paper? Is he a reporter? As far as I can tell, he's just a guy who gets too much attention and is using it to further his agenda. And you guys are helping him. What's the deal? It's really aggravating to see so much space taken in this paper every week, and I would really like to see it stop.

Caleb Lawrence

San Luis Obispo

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