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Find a vaccine 
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In response to “Herd immunity” (March 12):

The big issue around the bill 277 is obviously the disagreement of those who immunize and those who don’t. Yet, why force people to immunize in order to have an education when so many people are standing up for answers to why so many deaths and so many physical and mental issues stem from immunizations? As any educated parent would agree, you want to know why.

And there are other methods in science that are not being recognized in mainstream society, but California knows the validity of science like homeopathic and natural medicines. Personally, I think immunizations can be beneficial, but I also think there are too many unnecessary vaccines.

Why would a healthy child be mandated every year to get a flu vaccine? Why did Japan ban the HPV vaccine? Why would a 12-year-old girl be forced to get an HPV vaccine to get an education?’

Are we not dealing with personal liberty in this proposed bill? Instead of pointing the finger, look at the facts and opinions from both sides and find a democratic solution.

-- Gina Turley - San Luis Obispo

-- Gina Turley - San Luis Obispo

-- Gina Turley - San Luis Obispo

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