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Find some middle ground, law enforcement

San Luis Obispo



I am a small-business owner in downtown SLO. Earlier this year, I had a visit from our local fire department, doing their annual safety exams for local businesses.

Alas, as it turns out, I was not in compliance with state or local laws. They were thorough and polite and handed me a citation with the promise of a return visit to check on my compliance. We smiled at each other and said goodbye.

It was an easy fix, and I dealt with the matter promptly. I had not realized until recently how fortunate I was that our fire department is part of the thinking world, and I was not forced to lie face down on the floor, hands cuffed behind my back (in regards to the recent medical marijuana bust).

Oh, yes, I think there were children visiting my business that day. They could have been carted off to CPS.

Do you think that these people and their so-called non-compliance is more dangerous than my lack of fire safety? Oh, please! And before you answer that, think about the danger of fire and loss of life every year. FYI: There is no death index for marijuana. Come on—isn’t there a middle ground here?

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