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Morro Bay began as a little fishing village in 1872. Today, the town is a popular vacation stop, yet has maintained its small-town charm. Author and Morro Bay native Roger Castle, together with coauthor Gary Ream, offer a glimpse into the past and present of quirky, foggy, beautiful Morro Bay in a new book, Morro Bay: Then and Now.

Part of Arcadia Publishing’s Then and Now series, the book juxtaposes vintage shots of the seafaring town and its salty inhabitants—firefighters, fisherman and one grumpy-looking scuba-diver, to name a few—with stunning new photographs by Garry Johnson.

Castle, Ream, and Johnson will be honored with a launch party and book signing on Sunday, Oct. 17, from 1 to 3 p.m. at Coalesce Bookstore.

“We’re all a bit heady with excitement,” gushed owner Linna Thomas. “I’ve owned Coalesce since 1973, and this is only the third book to be published about our little burg.”

With the support of the Historical Society of Morro Bay and by the priceless images and stories provided by the town’s residents, the book offers a glimpse into the past. It’s one of storm-driven ocean waves crashing on the shores of yesteryear, of underwater fishermen plying their trade, oblivious to their immortalization in black and white, of Morro Rock when its silhouette was still framed by that of horse-drawn buggies criss-crossing the shore, filled with vacationers dressed head to toe in what they referred to as “bathing costumes.”

For seamen’s yarns, fellowship, free eats, and your signed copies of Morro Bay: Then and Now, join the party in the bookstore gardens and chapel at 845 Main Street in Morro Bay. ∆


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