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Five Cities Fire costs a lot, Hill can help


The Five Cities Fire Authority (FCFA) union has endorsed Caren Ray, Jimmy Paulding, and Keith Storton in the Arroyo Grande mayor and City Council races.

I received a robo call that surprised me in its fear-tactic use of the phrase, "for the safety of our city," I should vote for X, Y, and Z. I know who I'm voting for, and it isn't someone who would resort to frightening citizens into voting for one candidate over another.

Mayor Jim Hill has presented thoughtful position papers on the subject of the FCFA, recycled water, and development—all important issues to our city. These thorough points of view are available on the votersedge.org website for all to see. I encourage my neighbors to read the material from all the candidates running in our city and note the refreshing straight-talk from our current mayor.

FCFA was supposed to save our community money, but today its budget has ballooned beyond expectations. It now costs Arroyo Grande nearly $1 million a year over and above the original estimates and is costing considerably more than the failed 2014 measure to collect $1.1 million in property taxes to maintain FCFA services.

Mayor Hill has my vote of confidence as the city faces these challenges.

Linda Drummy

Arroyo Grande

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