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Forest management is the culprit

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Al Fonzi, great opinion piece in the Aug. 2 New Times ("False narratives"). Having worked in the timber industry all my life, I know that the primary reasons for natural disasters are not global warming or changing climates! They've been happening since the beginning of time and have been worse and not so bad as during the last decade. Remember back in the 1970s when the scare was another ice age?

I believe that the problems with our national forests are the result of bad forestry management imposed during the 1980s to save the spotted owl, etc. Now, I'm not against saving endangered species, and I know that there was some very bad practices back in the last century which needed to be addressed and have been, but what's been happening with bark beetle infestations, etc., is not caused solely by a changing climate (which I believe is a redundant term anyway).

People don't realize that the privately owned forests do not have the same problems that publicly owned forests do because privately owned forests are better managed. Duh!?

Craig Kincaid



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