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Forget left or right; fix the system


I have been reading all the letters and commentary in the New Times about the election since it ended — the bitching and moaning from left and right. But the one thing that everyone has failed to realize is that they both work for the same team.

It isn’t left or right that we should be arguing, but the whole structure itself. All the wealthy elites make more money no matter who wins the election. All large corporations “donate� money to both parties. We, the people, need to wake up and realize that our system as a whole marginalizes us all and this left-right, red-blue division is only a distraction.

Neither Bush nor Kerry represents any majority of America. Yet these are the two choices we are given. And in four years it will be the same choice, although different names. Some radical decisions should be made. But the first one you should make is to re-think the history of our nation and re-analyze the constitution. Is this truly the land of the free?


Bradley Stevens

Los Osos

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