Former Paso officer sues the city



A second officer in the past three months has filed a lawsuit against the City of Paso Robles, the latest development in the ongoing controversy over former police chief Lisa Solomon.

Former Sgt. Brennan Lux, who was terminated from the department in November 2011, alleges he was retaliated against and subject to a hostile work environment after staving off Solomon’s advances.

Paso Robles City Manager Jim App confirmed that city staff received the lawsuit May 29, but declined to comment further, citing personnel confidentiality mandates.

In the lawsuit, which only offers one side of the story, Lux alleges that in late 2006, he developed a personal friendship with Solomon when she was a lieutenant with the department. According to the lawsuit, Solomon attempted to initiate “intimate sexual contact” with Lux.

Lux also alleges that during a 2008 “team-building workshop” he and other officers were asked by Solomon to join her in a hot-tub, where the “increasingly intoxicated” police chief allegedly flashed her breasts and twice grabbed Lux’s crotch.

According to the lawsuit, following the hot-tub incident, Lux was subject to disciplinary actions for unspecified, “trivial” reasons, culminating in an internal investigation resulting in his termination.

Lux is seeking unspecified monetary damages.

This isn’t the only lawsuit pending with the city over Solomon’s alleged misconduct. In February 2012, officer Jon Tatro—the police officers association president—filed a lawsuit claiming he was retaliated against after failing to meet allegedly institutionalized traffic ticket quotas.

Solomon resigned from her post on April 2 with a $250,000 severance package. She could not be reached for comment as of press time.

City Manager App said the city is likely to file a formal response within 30 days.

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