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Fossil fuel is unsafe for our children



UNICEF reported that 2 billion kids are exposed to unhealthy air pollution, most of it from burning fossil fuel; 300 million kids live in areas with the “most toxic air pollution.”

Years ago I volunteered at a school district in the Santa Clara Valley near San Jose, and many children suffered from emphysema in the fossil fuel polluted area. This disease inflicts permanent damage on growing lungs, according to the American Lung Association. 

The global impact of fossil fuel pollution “is commensurately shocking” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. It’s linked to 7 million deaths yearly, including 600,000 among children.

Closure of Diablo Canyon will increase fossil fuel pollution in our state as we are forced to use much more fossil fuel natural gas to generate electricity to compensate for the loss of Diablo Canyon.

Shutdown of San Onofre in Southern California caused great increases in burning natural gas, affecting our children and adults.

I called the California Department of Public Health and they reported they could not get involved in this health threat “unless requested to do so by another department.” This is a curious way to operate for a department responsible for overseeing our health.

Citizens, especially parents, need to get involved since neither the state Health Department nor any other state government department apparently will act to protect our children. Call your Assembly and Senate representatives. Here are some numbers: Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, (916) 651-4019; Sen. Bill Monning, (916) 651-4017; Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, 549-3381.

Demand action to fight killer pollution in California. 

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