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'Fox' in the 'hen house'



There are many things to be against and to be angrily aroused about concerning Donald Trump and his administration.

One of the major areas to me and to many others is the weakening of environmental protections, along with weakening protections for workers on the job. Trump has appointed people to Cabinet positions and as heads of agencies who have always been hostile to environmentalists and environmental protection laws and regulations. He has signed executive orders that have opened the door for oil pipelines shown to threaten many lands and water systems, and to allow mining companies and others to dump toxic waste and sludge into rivers that empty into lakes and the ocean. The list goes on and on.

For Californians, these trends pose ominous threats. We pride ourselves on our clean and pristine state natural resources. People travel thousands of miles and from all over the world to visit here to see the profound beauty and natural wonder. What will happen now under the Trump regime? Our state government has vowed to fight back and to protect us, but will they, and we, be able to resist strongly enough?

The proverbial “fox” is now firmly in control of the hen house. The wolf circles the herd. In every area of social, political, economic life we are being attacked—environment, health care, commerce and finance, education and schools, the economy in general, and so on. We have no choice but to fight back, take to the streets, resist, and reverse this disaster.

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