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Freeze, or spare the air?




M. Power Giacoletti (“Smoking mad,” Jan. 7) complains “…many county residents were engaged in nefarious acts of thievery… They were (stealing) sucking the air from the very mouths of babes with their archaic, pointless, polluting fireplaces.” Giacoletti may decry smoke from the chimneys, but he overlooks the fact that many people in the county are heating their homes with fireplaces in the face of high costs for gas and electricity, just as many of us have no alternative during lengthy power outages. This isn’t waving off those who are having their pristine air “stolen” by people who burn wood to keep warm: It’s simply survival.

In these days of upset and fear mongering from all sides, including the government, the peace and tranquility of families sitting around a warming fire is vital to sanity.  One wonders whether the supervisor who recently stated it is the purview of government to determine the level of profitability of a business might also conclude such purview extends to the use of wood-burning fireplaces, despite the consequences of prohibition.

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