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Fries and friends


Editor's note: The following letter to the editor were submitted by middle school students enrolled in a journalism class at Cayucos Elementary School.

Cayucos Deli is one of my favorite places to eat! It is a Mexican restaurant that is connected to the gas station minimart on Cayucos Drive. My favorite item to get is asada fries. They are cheesy fries and tender steak topped with delicious guacamole, tasty sour cream, and fresh pico de gallo. This dish is enough to fill up two to three people, which is why I enjoy going there after school with my best friends. They also have Taco Tuesday, where you can get tacos for only 99 cents. They have a couple of tables and chairs to sit in and also some benches outside with a view of the ocean. I recommend that you give it a try!

Alana Gann

13 years old


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