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Frozen fads forever!



Summer ain't over. That means more beach days, more barbecues, and more #froséallday. Seems like everyone is whipping up Slurpee-like wine offerings, doesn't it? Now, Robert Hall Winery in Paso Robles has jumped on the frozen pink bandwagon (some would say just in time). Temps are soaring and regular wine is—let's admit it—kind of boring in comparison. Stop by the tasting room for cheese plates, a chilled white wine flight, or an award-winning Rose de Robles whipped into an ice cold frosé made with organic fruit and juices. Take a complimentary tour of the state-of-the-art cavern, one of the largest on the Central Coast, while you're at it (and yes, it's extremely chill down there). Sure, frozen wine drinks are the kind of thing that make "serious" wine critics scowl. In my opinion, that's great! This is going to be that strange summer we collectively look back on and wonder, "Where did that fad come from?" and "How did I get that tattoo?" This is how some of the best memories are made! Don't take yourself so seriously, Paso Robles. We know you're all "world renowned" and stuff. Don't forget to live a little, while you're still young(ish). Plus, you have purple all over your teeth. I was going to say something earlier, but—you know—brain freeze.

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