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Fuel of the future


The Sierra Club ("Ready for 100 percent renewable energy," Aug. 31) is after me ("Mathematical conundrum," Aug. 17), but I am not too worried about that. After all, you are talking about an organization that not too long ago got caught taking some $28 million directly from the natural gas industry, ostensibly to assist in their anti-coal campaign, which, of course, would have been of direct benefit to the natural gas industry.

Obviously, Sierra Club's continuation of its irrational anti-nuclear policy could only help to cement this unlikely partnership, since it would also be a direct benefit to the natural gas industry. The Sierra Club was also expected to promote natural gas as a flawed but necessary "bridge fuel" since there were no other alternatives ... except maybe nuclear. The organization has since disavowed future partnerships with oil and gas interests, at least any that could be detected, but continues to maintain its anti-nuclear policy. After all, it is based on irrational fear, and fear is a big seller.

I cannot help but note that critics of my piece simply announce that my findings are wrong, but they never offer anything in the way of facts to prove it. They simply refer to a vague panoply of wondrous, pure, and non-carbon emitting technologies (biofuels?) that is somehow going to save the day. You can take their word for it if you like, but thanks to organizations like the Sierra Club, I am fairly certain that natural gas will be the fuel of the future in California whether you like it or not.

Mark Henry

San Luis Obispo

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