Full restoration of the Avila Pier could cost the Port San Luis Harbor District $1 million



Port San Luis Harbor District commissioners questioned whether re-opening the Avila Pier would be a revenue-generating investment after receiving its estimated cost at the April 23 meeting.

Long Beach-based construction engineering firm Moffatt & Nichol estimated that a complete restoration of the pier would cost the district $1 million.

Drew Brandy, district commissioner, said he wasn't convinced the district should put money into the Avila Beach Pier when there are other capital projects, such as the Harford Pier, that need funding as well.

For a full restoration, Moffatt & Nichol estimated the project would need to be done in two phases. The first phase includes repairing five to 10 piles. It would allow full pedestrian access (with continuous monitoring for safety) and some areas with limited vehicle and emergency access. The cost is estimated to be $250,000.

The second full phase necessitates repairing 30 to 40 additional piles and would need monitoring on a five-year basis going forward. It would make the piles resistant to some damage and decay and is estimated to cost $750,000.

Chris Munson, district facilities manager, said staff has had promising discussions with the Coastal Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Board, and Division of Boating and Waterways, which all expressed optimism at the prospect of funding a portion of the pier rehabilitation. Other sources of funding could potentially come from The Friends of Avila Pier, a group that is still in the process of establishing itself.

In order to kick-start the whole project, district staff recommended that the commission include $150,000 in the upcoming 2019-20 fiscal year budget, which will be reviewed in May, for the inspection assessment and construction plans of the pier.

Moffatt & Nichol was hired by the district to conduct an assessment of the Avila Beach Pier in order to determine whether it could reopen after three years of being closed indefinitely.

The firm's report concluded that the pier could be opened halfway with minor repairs to the pier's piles. Δ

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