Gardiner Files



It’s official. Jim Gardiner, former SLO Chief of Police, filed papers last Thursday in his quest to unseat the county’s top cop,
Sheriff Pat Hedges.

 Gardiner faced off against Hedges in 1998, but lost by about 1400 votes.

 “The reason I’m running this time, and this is pretty much where I want to keep it, is that members of the department and members of the community came to me to ask me to run and that’s why I am running.�

 Gardiner, who at the moment is retired (he resigned from the police force soon after he lost the election), but heavily involved in community work, isn’t saying much more than that for now.

 “We wont know where the Deputy of Associated Sheriffs is until the end of month. I want to save my in-depth comments until after talk with them.�

 One reason Gardiner lost the election, many say, is that he did not have support of the DAS.

 “I would not be doing this if I weren’t personally committed to the members of the department and to the county.�
 The election is scheduled for November.


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