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Gas prices seem fishy

Morro Bay



It looks like the Saudi and American oil cartels are giving it to us in the shorts again. Remember a year or so ago, the price of crude oil was about $140 per barrel. Recall that the Saudi oil

minister said that $75 a barrel was a fair price for oil. When the barrel price was $140, the price at the pump for regular was about $4  a gallon.


 Look at the current situation. Oil is about $60 to $70 per barrel

but the price at the pump for regular is above $3 a gallon. Wouldn’t logic indicate that gas should be about $2 a gallon now; one half of what it was when oil was $140 per barrel?


It’s the same old game. The cartels and oil giants will charge whatever they want and to hell with the people. It’s time to put a cap on this stuff.

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