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Get him out!


I’m watching Brian Williams, listening to the Democratic and Republican pundits trying to figure out how these two parties can find a way to work too.

Health care, they ask? Probably not as it stands.

How about infrastructure? OK, now they’re excited. Infrastructure should mean jobs. Of course, despite the generations of Republicans giving breaks to corporations as they open their mouths just waiting for the old trickle down economics to work, which never happens.

Forget that! So far, infrastructure has meant only pipeline.

The fact is that Trump is a 2-penny dictator, whose job, in obvious and apparent coordination with Putin’s Russia, is to disband, deconstruct, and destroy democracy, starting with America.

Therefore, jobs don’t matter. Infrastructure doesn’t matter. Even the departments he’s dismantling and replacing with Jared Kushner don’t matter.

We have to acknowledge what Trump is, how he achieved his position, how deeply corrupt he and his billionaire cronies are, how deeply in collusion they are, how bizarre it is to attempt an investigation on the guy who runs the show, how dark and hidden the actions of this administration are, and how quickly we can resolve this disaster known as Donald Trump.

Good luck.

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