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Get lost, greedy naturalists




Kelly Devaney (“Change Oceano,” Jan. 22) likes to walk on the beach. I like to ride my motorcycles, sometimes on the beach, sometimes on mountain OHV trails. Two beaches in the state allow vehicles. Those two beaches and the rest of the California coast are available for Devaney’s amusement. That’s six miles for me and 1,400-plus miles for Devaney’s greedy need. Perhaps Devaney should be denied the use of all California beaches just as he or she would see me exiled from my OHV park.
Oceano has been open to vehicles since well before Devaney was born, unless Devaney is approaching age 90, which could explain why Devaney is unable to visit a different beach area. Or, perhaps Devaney is part of a recent campaign for personal enrichment being waged by a select few who believe closure equals increased property valuations. They’re the same people who present false information about Oceano impacts at Board of Supervisors meetings, in press releases, and in letter- writing campaigns.
A recently published a letter from Cambria insisted Oceano be closed to prevent user injury. Perhaps that writer also supports a ban on voluntary surgery, freeways, and living in an area with dying trees that too often fall on occupied homes.
I offer Devaney and his or her recreational land grabbing cohorts a bit of wisdom: If you don’t like cows don’t visit or live by a dairy. Leave me and my sanctioned OHV recreational areas alone.

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