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Get. Off. The. Phone!

Morro Bay



Hey you! If you are still talking on your phone or texting while you are driving, then shame on you, you moron!

If you drive a black Cadillac, are you a complete idiot, or only behind the wheel? Driving in the pouring rain you gave zero thought to the cars around you, even as this driver yelled at you out my window to Put The Phone Down! Entering Hwy. 1 in SLO, I made sure to avoid you, but you still made my ride worse than it had to be! Watching the road and you—damn! I am in shock that people are still disregarding the important laws when it comes to driving and phone use.

Again and again I watch people mess with their phones, as seemingly they don’t give a damn what could happen to them or someone else: death, as proven recently on Thompson Road. I’d be yelling out my window daily if I were the cell phone patrol, but I am not, so please people: Patrol yourselves!

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