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Get on the love train

Santa Maria



Regarding Shredder’s Jan. 22 column (“The failed Obama presidency”) I would have to agree that by public criticism we may teach our leaders about their flaws and show them any error in their leadership or character that would be a detriment to our collective good. However, I do not think it is so necessary to go hunting for flaws. It seems to me that there are plenty of people (Republicans) who are quite eager to shut up those voices that rejoice at the election of such a “celebrity” president. I would also have to agree that he won the election the way a star quarterback wins prom king. But what I will say is this: It has been a long time since we elected someone the public adores. For as long as I can remember, the president was the number one most capped-on guy in the country. I have always wished that people could actually get behind their leader once in a while. Maybe Obama should stop being compared to Kennedy and Lincoln and we could actually look at him more like Theodore Roosevelt—a great guy whom the public loves to love.

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