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Get out and vote!


In less than two weeks there is a primary election around here—June 5 to be exact. I don't know if anybody else opens their junk mail, but we all got a sample ballot for the state of California primary election. There are 27 candidates for governor of California. The world's fifth largest economy, etc., has 27 candidates for governor. Some candidates did not submit a photo, some have no platform statement, a couple just list a website. It makes me wonder: What qualifications are required to get a spot on the official California primary ballot?

A prime example: By lottery placement, candidate 27 gets the entire last page: Johnny Wattenburg. His is by far the most engaging headshot of all—you just know you could drink a beer with this guy. And listing "no party preference," you feel like he's saying, "just invite me over, dude." His platform statement: "Why not!" Six italicized letters with the wrong punctuation. Brief, but he goes so deep. I think it's Johnny Dub for me.

Maybe voting is just a ridiculous exercise, but who doesn't need a little more exercise? So please go do it.

Bryan Parker

San Luis Obispo

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